Offshore Outsourcing Services

BPO Connections has experience of more than a decade in finding the right outsourcing solutions for small and medium enterprises. From back off operations to call centers and from support functions to telemarketing, we will get you the most suitable provider for your needs at the most affordable prices.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Processes Outsourcing requires a high level of trust and understanding with the provider. At BPO Connections, we make sure that the lines of communication are set up clearly and efficiently. We assist businesses to identify and liaison with the right providers for their needs. The benefits of nearshore/offshore outsourcing can be leveraged only with smooth communication and a high degree of ownership. We meet our clients personally to understand their business and ensure that they receive the best services for their unique needs.


BPO Connections specializes in connecting buyers with the right telemarketing service providers. Marketing and sales are crucial to any business, and telemarketing should ideally be handled by a nearshore/ offshore outsourcing provider who understands the business perfectly. We ensure that the providers have a deep understanding of your business and products and meet your needs in the most time and cost efficient way.


BPO Connections has vast experience in the outsourcing segment. We offer consultancy for business development plans and marketing strategies as well as partner closely with companies to ensure that they are able to gain a cutting edge in their respective niches. We have helped companies formulate plans and strategies and forge ahead more confidently.

Call Centers

It is our missing to find you the best solutions for inbound and outbound call center services. BPO Connections forms a strong link between companies with requirements and providers of call center services. We ensure the lines of communication are clear and that the process is set up swiftly and maintained efficiently.

Commercial Models

We will help your business to customize the payment mode for the services you hire. We work with businesses in structuring the right commercial model – fixed agent per hour, pay-for-performance or hybrid (fixed + incentive based).


BPO Connections specializes in the following verticals: Telecommunications, Technology, Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare. We understand these domains and can help you formulate strategies to move ahead swiftly, while avoiding the common pitfalls.