Why Turn to Process Outsourcing or Call Center Outsourcing?

The global outsourcing revenue for the year 2010 was $425 billion, marking a huge jump compared to the figures a decade earlier. As more companies turn to process outsourcing and call center outsourcing, many small and medium enterprises wonder: WHY?

Understanding Process Outsourcing

To begin with, let’s understand what process outsourcing is. Process outsourcing simply means contracting a service that was or could be performed in-house to a third party. There are many reasons a firm turns to outsourcing:

  • A company can hone its core competency by focusing on it and outsourcing non-core functions
  • It is a cost efficient option in the long run
  • Internal resources are free for other processes
  • If a function or process is time consuming to manage, outsourcing may prove to be the best solution
  • The risks are shared with another company
  • World class capabilities are made accessible
  • Accessibility to the latest technology and specialized personnel

Our Outsourcing Process

BPO Connections assists in the outsourcing process through the following structured steps:

  • You company’s goals and objectives are understood by your providers
  • A strategic plan and vision is put in place
  • Selection of the most suitable provider for your vision
  • Construct a proper contract that is well structured
  • Ensure the communication lines are open and proper
  • Manage the relationship between you and your provider
  • Senior executive support

Our mission is to handle your process outsourcing needs and communications efficiently and give your business an opportunity to grow.