For Providers of Telemarketing, Cell Center and Other Outsourcing Services

The most challenging task for an outsourcing solutions provider is business development. This is more so for providers that are targeting smaller businesses. However, contacting such companies is only the beginning. At BPO Connections, we assist service providers to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.

BPO Connections begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your business model, infrastructure and service capabilities. We then assist you to target the niche you wish to do business with and identify the right clientele. Since we partner closely with companies that have outsourcing needs and telemarketing requirements, we are well positioned to help you understand their requirements. Our role is not limited to getting you the business. We will assist you all the way to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Service Geographic Zones

We cater to nearshore service providers in Central America and Caribbean and offshore service providers in India and the Philippines. Our track record shows that we have successfully helped providers from Central America, the Caribbean, India and the Philippines establish themselves within American markets.

We make a special profile for your business which enlists your specialties, be it telemarketing, call centers for inbound or outbound calls or back office solutions. Once the profile is created, we match it with the requirements of our ever increasing client base.

Outsourcing is a very lucrative business, and there are many players in the game. To establish yourself as the best in the industry, consulting an expert is a must. BPO Connections brings you over ten years of experience in the BPO services industry and therefore understands the trends of this highly competitive arena.